Setup and instillation is extremely easy, well respected brand.


Doesn't come with a wide range of features.




Providing IT security for computers, smartphones and other devices / networks, Avira was founded in 1986 and has had a rich history in the antivirus market. Their antivirus product, ‘Avira Internet Security’ was initially released in 1988, and over the next 20+ years it built the German software company a user base of over 100 million people and a market share of nearly 10% in an extremely crowded PC protection market. Avira have created a solid product in the eyes of the critics, consistently earning extremely good scores in malware detection tests run by comparative organizations. It won “Top Rated” product overall in 2012, but how does it match up in 2016?

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The majority of Avira’s customer base are using the free version of the service, a version of the product they pride themselves on. With free products, it’s hard to give a value for money description, as there is no monetary cost ­ it’s infinitely good value for money! If you are serious about protecting your computer, it is widely recommended for you to get a paid antivirus like Avira Antivirus Pro. Their ‘Pro’ product costs $44.99 per year for 1 device, which is a relatively good price when you break that down to a monthly cost of just under $4... For a price less than a trip to Starbucks every month you can get quality anti­malware software, online browsing protection and some cool features like ‘Game Mode’. At the low price, I’d say Avira Antivirus Pro is good value for money.

Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit

Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit

Avira Antivirus Pro is widely known as an extremely reliable and accurate antivirus products, frequently scoring 100% on malware detection tests set by comparative organisations in the antivirus arena. The user interface is extremely friendly, offering itself as a great solution for technophobes, however, it is possible that the user interface is so friendly due to the simplicity from having minimal features. We found Avira relatively easy to use, setting up and running scans was very simple. Dealing with the results was just as easy. Simply set the scans to run and ‘your computer is secure’ - which is exactly what you want from an antivirus.

Support & Kundendienst

Support & Kundendienst

Support from Avira is stellar. The best thing about their support approach is the ability to hire a tech expert, who you can chat with and run through any issues or queries you have. These experts have a profile so you can know exactly who you are talking to, what they look like and where they are from. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any experts from the United States or Canada, but there are plenty of experts who speak English. You can also chat to experts it German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Mandarin and Korean, so it’s safe to say the majority of their customer base are covered.



You would expect Avira’s antivirus to be relatively strapped for features due to the price, this assumption is unfortunately supported by the product. There are a few very neat features like ‘Game Mode’ which disables all antivirus notifications whilst playing a game or watching a movie. Another smart feature is ‘Browser Tracking Blocker’, which ‘quietly prevents companies from monitoring what you do online’, a welcomed feature as we move into the era of websites tracking your habits. None of these features are ground­breaking however, there are no features which take the protection of your PC to the next level, like file backup or a VPN service would. This is where Avira falls down in the rankings.

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